Eating Well… Important but how?

Having PH means you have to adjust everything about your life. It is so hard to eat well when you feel so tired and fatigued. I have PH and Diabetes, and have to watch my salt so it is a real challenge.

I love to cook, but can no longer take the energy to prepare meals the way I always want to. Certainly not every day.  Definitely not three times a day!

I don’t even shop the way I used to cause I can’t tolerate the long walking, sucking on my O2 dragging my O2 pack around and carrying of the bags, etc.  I love to eat out, but can no longer tolerate the long restaurant experience as often, nor can I afford it.  Ordering in is a nutritional and economic nightmare, but it does provide.

So now I order my major groceries online, and have them delivered. I put away the perishable stuff over a few hours, and the heavier stuff over a few days.

The lighter fresh fruits and vegs I try to buy during the week, but I have not been feeling well enough to travel to stores alone these past few weeks.

So this week I am starting a light meals frozen food plan for dinners  [just those frozen healthy choice, light ones etc ] that will probably BOOR me to death, but save me a lot of trouble and time and energy worrying about what to cook. On the weekends, I can maybe cook something yummy.

I’m going to try to post one of my simple healthy recipes for egg and spinach muffins I make on Sundays, and eat them for breakfast or lunch for the week.

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